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  • Shelby - I am young so I will love to play. Come and visit me here at PPC.
  • Tracy - Come and play with me. I love to play and hang around my best friend.
  • Dolores - Who said black isn't beautiful! I would love to come home with you!
  • Henley - Not only am I beautiful, but I will make you a great family dog. I only want to have someone love me.
  • Lourdes - I love to be around my family even if it means another cat! Love them. So come and see me!
  • Jane - just call me beautiful. Some people say a siamese can be spoiled...but I'm not. But I am beautiful.
  • Tapioca - I am a cat that all cats want to be like! Loving, fun, soft to the touch and I could go on but you need to come and visit me.
  • Layla - Please pick me up and take me home with you. I will be your very best friend.
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Pet Placement Center has launched a new volunteer opportunity for children in grades 1-5 to help the children keep up with their reading skills during the summer and bring comfort to and reduce the anxiety of shelter pets. Click here for more information.
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