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5975 Dayton Blvd., Chatt., TN 37415
P: 423.877.0738 / F: 423.877.0515
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Tennessee Humane Animal League is a 501(c)3 organization devoted to the placement of homeless or surrendered dogs and cats through Pet Placement Center. PPC is a true no-kill shelter and private adoption center and does not contract with any municipal entity, surviving entirely on adoption fees, donations, and fundraising activities. The Shelter Manager is responsible for managing the daily operation of the shelter and shelter staff. This position oversees animal custodial and remedial care, admissions, adoptions, and ensures the safety, sanitation, and upkeep of the facility. The Shelter Manager provides staff training, prepares operational reports, and educates the public about responsible pet ownership. The Shelter Manager serves as spokesperson for Pet Placement Center in the community.

This is an exempt position with a salary of $28,000. Please email for a job description. Applications accepted through February 15, 2015. 

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