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  • Otis - If you want a little dog that has a lot of spunk, but loves to sit on your lap then Otis is the dog for you. Visit with him and see if you don't think he is the one!
  • Ronin - I am both blind and deaf but that doesn't keep me from having a good time. Someone looking for a sweet special needs dog should come and visit with Ronin.
  • Ballarat - I'm a big boy but I am somewhat laid back too. I would love to find my forever home.
  • Rhiannon - I love to take naps in the sun, and play with kids. I am quite and laid back, so come and visit me.
  • Darcy - Look into my eyes and you'll see a kitty that wants you to take her home.
  • Mary Jane - How can any one not want to take you home!
  • Tiny Tim - All I want for Christmas is my own family to love me!
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Tails at Twilight will be Thursday, April 20 at The Venue from 6 PM until 9 PM. Click here for more info.
grouppraiseCongrats, you have an upcoming GroupRaise Meal!
Now it’s time for you to do your part, and promote! The more people who show up, the more awareness and funds you will raise and the more fun you will have, because GroupRaise is not called "AloneRaise" for a reason... Remember, your meal needs 20 RSVP commitments to eat on your meal page before March 6, 2017, or the meal will be canceled. So here are some tips on how to make your meal successful:
Meal Page:
Furry Tales: Pet Placement Center has launched a new volunteer opportunity for children in grades 1-5 to help the children keep up with their reading skills during the summer and bring comfort to and reduce the anxiety of shelter pets. Click here for more information.
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