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About us

Who we are 

Pet Placement Center is a small, private adoption agency and Chattanooga's oldest no-kill animal shelter. All operating funds come from donations, adoption fees, and fundraising projects. We receive no agency funding or government assistance. 

Our mission

We aim to reduce animal suffering by promoting diligent animal care through education and example; to find responsible homes for animals in need; to promote spaying or neutering to reduce overpopulation; to emphasize responsible guardianship.

Our staff

Shelter Manager

Heather Woods

Administrative Assistant

Janet Bradley

Animal Caretakers

Anna Samples

Stephanie Holmes

Audrey White

Savanna Hart

Linda Coulter

Nicholas Holmes

Board of Directors

President & Volunteer Coordinator

Sandy Bowe

Vice President

Anita Kupcho


Donna Nicoll


Ali Dudek

Board Members

​Kathy Slaten

Debbie Hamilton

Angela Foster

Tina Launey

Member Emeritus

Mary Babian

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