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Surrender, rehome, or get help with a pet

Find your answers here if you need to surrender your pet, rehome your pet, or if you need some resources to help with any difficult decisions.

Resources to help pet owners

Are you moving and need to find a place to rent but you're worried you can't bring your pets along? You're in luck! Chattanooga has over 100+ pet-friendly apartments all over town. Just click the link below to search for pet-friendly housing. 


Are you having behavioral problems that are just too difficult to manage? Is your dog "hyper-active" and needs an outlet to blow off some energy? Chattanooga has plenty of Canine Positive Reinforcement training facilities. It's all about finding the right one for you. 



Surrendering a pet

Pet Placement Center is a very small facility with limited resources. We are often restricted by our space and funding when considering surrenders. If in the event we cannot take your pet(s), we will offer options and suggestions that may be helpful. All suggestions made are with the full interest of the pet's quality of life.


If surrendering is your only option, please complete the following request form. Priority will be given to animals located within the Chattanooga area. We also ask for a $50 surrender fee to help go towards the pet's vetting and care.


Due to very limited kennel space we are unable to assist with many dog intake requests. Please also look at posting your pet on Adopt-a-Pet Rehome.


Emails & phone calls will be returned within three business days. If you are in need of an immediate appointment, please contact your municipal shelter.

Rehoming a pet

If you are no longer able to care for your animal but would prefer to take control and manage the placement of your pet(s), rehoming may be the option for you. However, we recommend taking a look at our available resources before considering this step, as there may be more ideal options that could help keep your pet(s) in your home.


Adopt-a-Pet's rehoming program (link below) will help you get your pet(s) online, provide help when reviewing applications, and set up a meeting with the adopter all through a safe and secure network.


We recommend staying away from options like Craigslist or Facebook as there are many dangerous people who do not have the best interest in your pet(s). DO NOT advertise your animal(s) as "free".

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