What is Fostering?

As a small facility, we are always in need of a little outside help. Our main goal is to have as many adoptable animals in the building as possible, however special needs cases fall on our doorstep daily. With the help of available foster homes, we are able to save many more lives that need our help. Our Foster Families typically house those who need extra attention that could be otherwise too difficult to maintain without 24/hour care. 

Who Needs  Fostering?

Kittens or Puppies who need bottle feeding

Kittens or Puppies who need to be vaccinated and then Spay/Neutered

Cats or Dogs that have special dietary needs

Anyone who may have a difficulty adjusting to the shelter environment due the stress of abandonment or grieving over the loss of a loved one.  

Elderly Cats or Dogs who would thrive better without the stress of shelter living. 

We Will Provide:

Food (Kitten/Puppy)(Wet/Dry)(Prescription)

Litter/Litter Box/Scooper

Supplies (Crate/Potty Pads/Bowls/Etc.)

Any Necessary Medicine/Vaccinations

Veterinary Care At Chattanooga Veterinary Center

Our Support

​​Help an animal in need and sign up to be a
Foster today!

The first step towards volunteering with us is to fill out our Foster Questionnaire and Agreement Form.

Once the forms are submitted, our Foster Coordinator, Debbie Hamilton, will contact you about the next steps for fostering.

Any questions concerning fostering  can be directed to Debbie Hamilton here:
Our Supporters:

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