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Be a foster!

Foster homes expand our facility beyond our standard capacity. With the help of foster homes, we are able to help more animals. 

Can we crash at your place for a bit?

As a small no-kill facility, we sometimes need a little extra space outside of the shelter. Heartworm positive dogs, special needs cats, special surgeries, and new litters of puppies or kittens require round-the-clock care that can often be difficult at the facility. By signing up to be a foster, you'd be helping those that need help the most by preparing them for their future forever homes.

Need more convincing? Check out this article from the ASPCA. You can also email for more information or call Pet Placement Center at (423) 877-0738.

Who needs fostering?

  • Kittens or puppies that require bottle feeding

  • Puppies or kittens that are awaiting vaccinations and spay/neuter

  • Cats or dogs with special dietary needs

  • Heartworm-positive dogs

  • Pets who have difficulties adjusting to the shelter due to the stress of abandonment or grieving over the loss of a loved one

  • Elderly cats or dogs who would thrive better without the stress of shelter living

What we will provide

  • Food (Kitten/Puppy, Wet/Dry, Prescription)

  • Supplies (Crate/Potty Pads/Bowls/Etc.)

  • Any Necessary Medicine/Vaccinations

  • Litter/Litter Box/Scooper

  • Veterinary Care

  • Our Support

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