We are still accepting volunteer applications, but we are not scheduling orientations or volunteer hours at this time. 

Be a Volunteer!

Volunteers are one of the most valuable aspects of our shelter. We would not be able to accomplish all the things we do without your help. In a way, volunteers become the backbone for the shelter. We are always looking for passionate and loving volunteers to support us. 


Cat Caretaker

Help clean & sanitize the cat colony rooms, including washing floors, windows, litter boxes, and dishes. You can also socialize with the cats and kittens once the cleaning is done.

Dog Caretaker

(18+) Help clean & sanitize the kennel, including cleaning walls, floors, dishes, and laundry. You can also play with them in their yards or take a dog for a hike to your favorite trail.

Off-Site Events

Help our fundraising team by assisting with dog & cat adoption events or information booth events throughout the year. 


Help out our small staff by transporting dogs and cats to and from off-site events, the veterinarian office, or anywhere else we need them to go.


You can help by participating in our annual fundraising events or by running your own fundraiser on behalf of the shelter. 

Age 10-14

Age 15-17

Age 18+

Must have a parent or guardian accompanying them at all times. Activities are restricted to cat areas and landscaping. 
Not required to have a parental or guardian supervision, but activities will not include direct interaction with dogs.  
Will help with both the cat and dog areas of the building, as well as outdoor projects, and playing outside in the kennel yards with dogs. 

The first step towards volunteering is to fill out our application and release form. 

Once the forms are completed, our volunteer coordinator will be in contact about an orientation appointment. 

Group Volunteering!

Do you have a large group that is interested in taking on a Volunteer Project Day? Whether you're a scout troop, religious group, school volunteer squad, or just a big group of friends that want some volunteer hours, we can make that happen. Email our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@thalppc.com for more information today!
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