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Pet Portrait "Fun"draiser - The Final Portraits

We started this fundraiser to help out one of our volunteers who has always put PPC before all else. Their dedication to our facility has always been one to cherish and we knew we had to help, even just a little bit. We're happy to report that the volunteer's pet has made a full recovery after a long and tireless battle. She's back to her old self again, and we're thankful for our friends at VCSG who helped her pull through such a dangerous time.

Now that our Pet Portrait Fundraiser has finally come to an end, we'd like to share all of our wonderful portraits submitted by the staff. Although the staff was a bit wary at first, the did not hesitate to pick up a pencil and get to work as soon as the first portrait arrived.

Each staff member's unique style of artwork made this project so much fun. With all of the different kinds of pet photos coming in, it was always a wonderful surprise to see what each person would come up with for their portrait.

Several of the donors have asked for their original portrait to be mailed to them so it can be framed and displayed in their home.

We're so thankful for all of our contributors for this fundraiser. We also want to thank our fellow shelter family at BARC Baltimore and Wisconsin Humane Society for this wonderful idea.

Last but not least, here's sweet, little Widgette after receiving word of all the love and support her community has provided for her. We're so happy to see her feeling much better and back to her old self.

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