Floral Wreath 7


Looks Like

Lab mix

Estimated Age

1 year



Current Weight

60 lbs

Adoption Fee




Special Needs

How is






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What Does


Come With?

  • Spay/Neutered

  • Up-to-date Vaccinations (DHLPP & Rabies)

  • Microchipped

  • Dewormed

  • Tested for Heartworm Disease

  • Current on Monthly Flea & Heartworm Prevention

  • Free Wellness Exam Within 2 Weeks of Adoption


Dune is a 1 year old lab mix that weighs 60 pounds and is fully housebroken. He was surrendered to the shelter as his owner was moving into an apartment that would only allow small dogs. He was acquired as a young puppy and resided alongside of several small dogs whom he was bonded to.

Dune arrived to us unfixed and unfortunately, had some less than desirable manners such as jumping on humans, pulling on the leash, and being unable to control his excitement. This cutie is a bundle of energy and he lived in a very small apartment where he was not adequately exercised and not taught respectful boundaries. We have worked hard with Dune on some behavior modification and he is absolutely brilliant and truly wants to please his handler. We have learned exactly how to maintain the gentleman that Dune is at the core but he received very little guidance in integral early stages of development so he will be a work in a progress, albeit a fun and rewarding one.

Dune has been taken for several offsite hikes with staff and volunteers and when exercised he is a charmer. He loves food puzzles, will fetch for hours if allowed, loves toys, and has a very joyful spirit. He loves to love and loves a little rough at times but he is so trainable and his happy go lucky disposition will always be eager to engage in obedient behavior as he always aims to please.

Dune is 100% housebroken and has never had an accident in his kennel and he is not a resource guarder in any capacity. He is inquisitive, quirky, darling, and a big puppy seeking direction and stability.

He loves small dogs but will require a meet and greet with dogs his size as he had no prior exposure to dogs larger than yorkies and chihuahuas. He would not be ideal for a home with cats as he will chase them. He has been around children in his previous home and did well with them but adopters will need to keep up with his manners to ensure he does not revert to previous undesired tendencies such as jumping.

We know that shelter life has been difficult for Dune as he spends a lot of time in a kennel and he is young boy with a lot of pent up energy. We also know that with the right adoptive person or family who will commit to proper exercise, routine, and positive reinforcement, he will continue to evolve into the companion of a lifetime.

Dune is a special boy and he deserved a better start. We are happy to have him and he is so ready for his second chance. His potential is endless.