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Floral Wreath 7


Looks Like


Orange Tabby

Estimated Age

1 year



Current Weight

8 lbs

Adoption Fee




Special Needs

What Does


Come With?

  • Spay/Neutered

  • Up-to-date Vaccinations (FVRCP & Rabies)

  • Microchipped

  • Dewormed

  • Tested Negative for FIV/FeLV/Heartworm Disease

  • Current with Monthly Flea Prevention

  • Free Wellness Exam Within 2 Weeks of Adoption


Back in November of last year, the cat rescue organization SCRATCH found and trapped Flare as part of their TNR program. As occasionally happens in these rescues, Flare was found to not be feral and was therefore suitable for adoption, so she was transferred to us to facilitate that process. Despite not being feral, Flare appears to have had little experience being a housecat, and therefore took a while to acclimate to the shelter environment. Over time though, she has amazed us with her bravery and willingness to explore the room and meet new people!

As a female orange cat, Flare is already somewhat of a rarity; only twenty percent of orange cats are female. She is ready to leave her past as a homeless stray behind her and has made stunning progress in our room; where she would once shrink under the furthest corner, she now holds her tail high and stretches joyfully when receiving attention. At just under a year, Flare still has a good deal of play in her, showing interest in balls with bells inside and watching laser pointers with hesitant curiosity. Flare becomes quite vocal when she knows it’s time for wet food, and loves a good treat. With all the progress she’s made, Flare is ready for a proper home!

How is






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