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Floral Wreath 7


Looks Like


Gray and White

Estimated Age

9 months



Current Weight

8 lbs

Adoption Fee




Special Needs

What Does


Come With?

  • Spay/Neutered

  • Up-to-date Vaccinations (FVRCP & Rabies)

  • Microchipped

  • Dewormed

  • Tested Negative for FIV/FeLV/Heartworm Disease

  • Current with Monthly Flea Prevention

  • Free Wellness Exam Within 2 Weeks of Adoption


Nomad’s past is shrouded in mystery. In a rather unique case, a man brought him into the shelter in a box and asked if we could take him. When we informed him of our surrender policies and the then-full state of our cat rooms, he set down the box, let the cat jump out, and scurried out the door while staff tried to catch the cat. He sped off in his car, leaving us with a sudden new addition to our overfull cat room. The large population of cats in the room made Nomad skittish early on, but as cats were adopted and the room calmed down, he showed just how playful and fun he could be.

Although we know little about Nomad’s history, we do know that he is a special and very sweet boy. This handsome young manx loves to play with toys he can chase. When he gets zoomies, this little fella bounds across the room like a rabbit! He’s proven to be very curious and loving as he’s opened up to his new surroundings. He appreciates any attention he receives from people, but loves cheek scritches most of all. He gets along well with the other cats in the room and has responded well to people he’s gotten to know, although he can be more skittish with strangers. This manx would do best in a loving and patient home that can give him a second chance.

How is






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