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Floral Wreath 7


Looks Like



Estimated Age

1 year



Current Weight

9 lbs

Adoption Fee



Foster Home

Special Needs

What Does


Come With?

  • Spay/Neutered

  • Up-to-date Vaccinations (FVRCP & Rabies)

  • Microchipped

  • Dewormed

  • Tested Negative for FIV/FeLV/Heartworm Disease

  • Current with Monthly Flea Prevention

  • Free Wellness Exam Within 2 Weeks of Adoption


Betsy was found with a severe injury to her left front leg, which hindered her movement. Although we do not know how she sustained this injury, according to examination it was most likely caused by a crush of some kind. It has left her with nerve palsy in one of her paws, but she has recovered very well and can easily get around with a painless limp. Even though she can’t use one of her front paws, Betsy hardly lets that slow her down! She can zip around with ease on her three functional legs and curl up to get as comfy as any other cat.

Calicos have a reputation for their strong personalities, and Betsy certainly lives up to this! Betsy is bold and curious when exploring new environments. Although Betsy’s paw no longer causes her any pain, she is very sensitive about it being touched and prefers to seek physical contact on her own terms. Betsy enjoys “petting herself” by rubbing on the legs of humans around her. Once you have earned her trust, Betsy will gladly let you scratch her head, pick her up, and will even plant herself in your lap. Because of her confident personality and sensitivity to touch, Betsy would do best in a home with few or no other animals, and no small children.

As Betsy becomes overwhelmed in an environment with many animals, she is currently in foster care. If you are interested in meeting and adopting Betsy, we will put you in contact with her to facilitate a meeting. Betsy would be thrilled to meet and befriend new people!

How is






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