About Us

Pet Placement Center is a small, private adoption agency and Chattanooga's oldest no-kill animal shelter. All operating funds come from donations, adoption fees, and fundraising projects. We receive no agency funding or government assistance. 

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Our Mission

We strive to reduce animal suffering by promoting diligent animal care through education and example; to find responsible homes for animals in need; to promote spaying or neutering to reduce overpopulation; to emphasize responsible guardianship. 

Our Staff

Executive Director

Brooke Bourgeois

Animal Caretakers

Pippi Ling

Vincent Stanford

Michael Weathers

Administrative Assistants
George Bartnik 
Ann Crisp

Board of Directors

Board Members:

Sandy Bowe (Volunteer Coordinator)

Angela Foster

Debbie Hamilton

Board President

Jenny Mulqueeney



Anita Kupcho


Ali Dudek

Megan Roberts

​Kathy Slaten

Ame Steele

Mary Babian (Member Emeritus)