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Pet Placement Center has launched a new volunteer opportunity for children in grades 1-5 to help the children keep up with their reading skills during the summer and bring comfort to and reduce the anxiety of shelter pets. Click here for more information.
Unfortunately, by law, PPC is unable to take in stray pets, as we do not operate an animal services division in any jurisdiction in Hamilton County or its municipalities. Please see the links below for information regarding surrendering stray pets to the main shelters in our area. (Note: East Ridge, TN residents should contact East Ridge Animal Services/Shelter at (423) 664-0271.
(City of Chattanooga residents)  (Hamilton County Residents)

For Emergencies when your vet office is closed, please contact the following emergency hospitals:

RIVER- Regional Institute for Veterinary and Emergency Referrals
2132 Amnicola Highway, 37406 423-698-4612

Animal Emergency & Specialty Center Chattanooga
6393 Lee Hwy, Chattanooga, TN 37421 (423) 822-8304

Find a Vet!
Click on the following link for a directory of Hamilton County, TN veterinarians, their addresses, contact information, directions and websites.

What to do if you find injured, sick or abandoned wildlife?  
Before you gather up those baby bunnies or injured raccoon, STOP!, and PLEASE learn more about what to do/what not to do at:
Another resource for helping wildlife is the Chattanooga Zoo.  
Please read their page very carefully prior to taking any animal to the Zoo, as you must speak with a rehab representative BEFORE bringing the animal to the zoo

Financial Help for Animals in Need:
While your veterinarian may offer payment plans (as an across the board policy, or based on your individual relationship/history with this office), it is, understandably, not very common. However, many may offer payment plans. This is not because the veterinarians lack care or sympathy for you and your pet in this medical urgency. Unfortunately, many vets often never recover the fees for their services when they go above and beyond to help an owned animal in need, yet they still have to pay salaries for the staff who cared for that animal, as well as the testing and supplies and medications used on the animal.

Most veterinary hospitals require payment at the time services are rendered. Before you are in the middle of a veterinary emergency, speak to your veterinarian’s office manager regarding the hospital’s policies on payment plans or other methods of payment, so that you will be well educated. While your veterinarian may offer payment plans (as an across the board policy, or based on your individual relationship/history with this office), it is, understandably, not very common. However, many vet offices offer credit/payment plans through third party providers. One such company is called Care Credit, and has helped many pet owners in a time of need by providing a veterinary  financing with a predetermined payment schedule to meet the financial abilities of the applicant. Talk to your veterinarian about their policies concerning the use of care credit. You may also learn more about this service via this page of Care Credit’s website:

Pet Insurance
You may also want to investigate an insurance policy for your pet. PPC does not have any affiliation with these companies, and are merely offering suggestions of other options which may be suitable for your situation. Of course, always be sure to review policy requirements and restrictions carefully, prior to purchasing a policy for your pet from any provider. There are numerous pet insurance providers, but this site lists a few of the top rated providers.

Financial Assistance
Click here for a list of organizations that help a list of resources that can “help you pay your veterinary bills more easily”.

The Brown Dog Foundation         
The Brown Dog Foundation is a non-profit organization which helps approximately 3600 animals and their families each year. This is not an immediate or guaranteed funding source, as there is an application and acceptance process which must be followed. Highest priority goes to animals who have a regular veterinarian and whose lives are in immediate danger. Even though there are lots of rules as far as applying, the website encourages you to apply. To learn more, please visit:

The Alice Fund: Providing medical care & supplies for cats in need in the
Chattanooga area.
Sick & Injured