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Pet Placement Center has launched a new volunteer opportunity for children in grades 1-5 to help the children keep up with their reading skills during the summer and bring comfort to and reduce the anxiety of shelter pets. Click here for more information.
Tennessee Humane Animal League (THAL) is a 501 ©(3) and Chattanooga’s Oldest No-Kill Animal Shelter. Our beginning started in 1974 when a few interested people banded together to form the Humane Animal League. The purposes of the League were to 1) increase awareness of the human-animal bond; 2) educate those in the Chattanooga area regarding proper animal care and; 3) improve understanding of the problems of pet over population. The city of Red Bank, recognizing the importance of the League’s efforts, identified the Humane Animal League as the city’s animal shelter and animal control arm. The League adopted a policy of not euthanizing animals but rather mounted an aggressive program of adoption for any animal in their care and adopted out 600 animals a year.

In March of 1983, the Humane Animal League was officially chartered under the name Tennessee Humane Animal League, Inc. By 1993, the League had outgrown the facility in Red Bank. The officers wished to serve the greater Chattanooga area and in the May of that year, the building we occupy today was purchased. Minor renovations were made to make the structure appropriate for cats and dogs. This new facility was identified as the Pet Placement Center (PPC); it opened on July 10, 1993. Additional dog kennels were constructed and completed by December 1993. The facility underwent a remodel of the cat colony rooms and dog kennels in 2010.

We survive entirely on donations and fundraising activities.  PPC is a private adoption center and does not contract with any municipal entity.  Once an animal comes to PPC, that animal will remain safe with us until adopted into a responsible, permanent home.

THAL's Mission

The mission of Tennessee Humane Animal League’s Pet Placement Center is:

  1. To reduce animal suffering by promoting intelligent animal care through education and example
  2. To find responsible homes for lost or abandoned animals or for those pets whose owners can no longer keep them
  3. To promote spaying or neutering of dogs and cats in order to reduce and control the millions of unnecessary and unwanted animal births
  4. To emphasize responsible guardianship which includes proper and decent feeding, available water, shelter, necessary vaccinations and exercise.
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Please save all of your empty, rinsed aluminum and steel cans and bring them to our shelter. Bagged aluminum or steel cans may be dropped off on the side of our building during regular business hours. After shelter hours, you may place the bags just inside our gate. The shelter is able to turn in the cans for recycling and earn some money to help care for our animals in the process.
5975 Dayton Blvd.
Chattanooga, TN 37415
P: 423.877.0738
F: 423.877.0515
Hours: Wednesday through
Sunday 12 - 5 PM
Closed Monday & Tuesday
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